Sunday, November 30, 2014

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Day

This past Thursday we enjoyed a sweet time of giving thanks with our family in Christ here in Chiang Mai.  We had Thanksgiving lunch with the seminary staff, and then Thanksgiving dinner with three Thai sisters in Christ and two single American missionaries serving here.  We had fun introducing our Thai friends to their first taste of turkey.

Our Thai friends were excited to take home leftovers!
Each of us made a list of things for which we were thankful and shared the list with one another, giving thanks to God together.  It was a rich, joyful time of remembering God's faithfulness.

Here are a few examples from our lists:
1)  From Elijah, "I'm thankful for God."
2)  From Isaiah, "I'm thankful for my brother."
3)  From Evan, "I'm thankful for all the churches and supporters who partner with us."
4)  From Kristie, "I'm thankful for the privilege of living and serving in Thailand."
5)  From one of our Thai sisters in Christ, "I'm thankful I was able share the gospel with my friend this past year and see her trust in Christ."
6)  From another Thai sister in Christ, "I'm thankful for Christian brothers and sisters in Christ since my biological family does not follow Christ."

November Highlight

Prior to Thanksgiving week, we traveled to Bangkok for the Southeast Asia Reformed Conference.  Evan taught a seminar on Biblical Spirituality and delivered the final plenary message on the topic "Proclaiming Christ from the Epistles."  We were blessed to fellowship with missionaries from 7 different Southeast Asia countries, to join with them in opening the Scriptures and applying sound teaching to our personal lives and to our ministries.

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