Friday, October 31, 2014

TLI Staff Visit

This past week we had the privilege of hosting three TLI staff members: Darren, the TLI President; Bruce, the member care director; and Jim, a TLI International Trainer who is looking to serve overseas long-term with his family.  It was a joy to invite them into our daily life here in Thailand.

Some highlights include:
Fellowshipping together while overlooking
beautiful Thai countryside
-A great meeting at a ministry training center to talk about the possibilities for training Burmese pastors north of Thailand.
-A visit to the Doi Suthep Temple to get a glimpse of Buddhism and to pray for the gospel to triumph amidst the darkness.
-A close enouncter with a scoprion the size of a small lobster while on a night walk together in our neighborhood.
-A sweet time of prayer together, praying for each other, for TLI, for the growth of the church in Southeast Asia, and for the advance of the gospel amongst the unreached people groups in Thailand and the region.
-Elijah and Isaiah loved getting to know these three godly men, and they enjoyed playing with them.

We are so grateful to be a part of TLI, and we are especially thankful for the many brothers and sisters in Christ who are part of the TLI family!

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