Friday, September 26, 2014

A Day at the Seminary & September Celebration

ABTS is a humble three story building, but its impact and influence among Asian chruch leaders is expansive.

A Quick Glance at ABTS

L- entrance to ABTS; R Upper- Evan in his office
R Upper- Evan's books
The layout of the ABTS building:  The ground level entrance brings you into the main office and library.  The second floor has a large classroom and the Dean's office.  Finally, the top floor has the offices of the three professors (including Evan's office).

The ABTS staff:  On Thursday mornings, the seminary staff meets together for prayer and to discuss academic affairs.  The staff includes two Thai women who serve as admin assistants; a Filipino gentleman who serves as Director of Academic Affairs; an American gentleman who serves as the Dean of the seminary; and three American gentleman including Evan who serve as professors.  Evan's official title is Professor of Spiritualilty and Missiology as well as Director of Online Education.

Celebrating Elijah & Isaiah's 5th birthday;
some beautiful Thai scenery pics

September Celebration

On September 23rd we celebrated Elijah and Isaiah's fifth birthday.  We enjoyed Skype celebrations with grandparents and hosted a small party with special friends here in Chiang Mai.  We are so grateful that God has granted us five years with our boys, that they have been healthy, and most of all, that we continually witness a growing love in their hearts for God, the gospel, the Bible, and people.    

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