Friday, May 2, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Missionary Wife

While Evan typically spends the day at the seminary, I stay home with our boys.  This past year we started homeschool and have made our way through part of kindergarten. 

The morning is often spent doing various homeschool activities, reading books to the boys, and feeding lunch to the boys.  When the boys play together, I try to squeeze in some admin work.  The rest of my day is often spent reading books to the boys some more, dinner prep, and family time after Evan gets home.  A highlight of each day is taking a night walk/run with Evan while we push the boys in the double stroller.  If the boys don't talk the whole time, then Evan and I have a chance to chat!

Some of the perks of being a missionary wife in Thailand include:

A field trip to a famous temple
overlooking Chiang Mai
1)  Cool homeschool field trips--a visit to a mountainous Hmong village or to the Chiang Mai Zoo, just to name a few.

The boys decide
to do the dishes
2)  Taking the boys to the seminary for the day and doing homeschool while dad works.  I love that they get to see what he does up close.

3)  That the boys and I can travel with Evan to ABTS satellite locations in other countries and do ministry together as a family.  

4)  Abundant opportunities to proclaim our great gospel to Thai people.


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