Friday, March 7, 2014

You Know You're An MK in Thailand When...

1. You eat mac & cheese from the import grocery store as a special treat.
2. Your favorite "play place" is a song teaw parked in a local mall.  (a song-taew is a red pick-up truck with seats and a canopy in the back to haul people around--it's a common source of public transport here in Thailand)
3. You dig holes during play time in your front yard for scorpions to fall into.  
4. Your legs always have a number of swollen mosquito bites.
5. You complain that it's cold when it's in the low 80's.
6. You go on a walk in the neighborhood to find tropical flowers for your mom.
7. You have names for the countless stray dogs and kittys roaming your neighborhood.
8. You eat KFC on the go instead of McDonalds because it's 200 baht (app. $6) cheaper.
9. You get excited that some neighbor kids speak a little English.
10. You're flying into Bangkok, gazing at the huge city out the window, and you ask your mom, "Who's going to preach the gospel in Thailand?"

As our boys near 4.5 year olds old, we are thankful for the unique experiences life in Thailand brings for them.  The blessings far outweigh the challenges...

Some challenges...

Constant attention anytime we go anywhere.  The Thais are fascinated by twin boys with fair skin and bright, big eyes.  It's not just the staring but often people reach out to touch them or take their picture.

Missing friends and family.

No library to freshen up our book selection.  And these boys LOVE books!

Overwhelming heat and limited play areas due to snakes, scorpions, etc.

Some blessings...

Seeing our boys grow in compassion for people and an understanding of the gospel.  Just last night, Elijah wanted to pray for an elderly Thai lady they often see while playing outside.  He prayed, "Dear Father, thank You that Jesus died on the cross to save sinners.  We pray for the Thai lady, please send someone to teach her the gospel and help her to know Your great love."

Enjoying the family God provides through the Body of Christ.  Our next door Christian neighbor Khruu Gang has Thai play time with them 2-4 hours per week.  And they just love her!

Plentiful examples of visible idols and temples to give the boys a concrete image of the lostness of serving false gods.

Two-hour Skype sessions with grandparents.  The boys love having the grandparents read them books via Skype!

Hearing our boys "play pastor" on a regular basis, worshipping the Lord in song, and "preaching" the gospel and "teaching" the Bible.  They especially love to proclaim John 3:16.

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