Sunday, December 8, 2013

Paradoxical Contexts for the Sake of the Gospel

This past week Evan has been attending PhD modular courses at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  Meanwhile, the boys and I remain at home in Chiang Mai.

Yesterday the SBTS campus was blessed with a fresh blanket of beautiful white snow; meanwhile, in Chiang Mai the sun shone brightly through clear skies as the boys and I visited the famous temple on Doi Suthep mountain.

At the wintry snowland of Southern campus Evan is working towards completion of his PhD so that he will be better equipped to teach bibilcal and theological truth to Asian leaders for the advance of the gospel among the unreached.  At our home in Chiang Mai the boys and I are learning more about the Buddhist country in which we live and work, praying in earnest that the gospel of Christ would run and triumph amidst the bondage of Buddhism.

I couldn't help but notice the paradoxical nature of our family's two different contexts this week--Evan studying at a beacon of conservative evangelical Christianity, and the boys and I visiting a stronghold of Buddhism and a reminder of the Christlessness of this country and the unreached peoples of Asia.  Yet both contexts serve the advance of the Kingdom and remind me of the strategic ways in which our King of Glory often chooses to work.  The church in the West is blessed with a rich theological and bibilcal heritage while Asia remians home to thousands of unreached people groups with no little or no access to Jesus Christ.

May God give us grace to proclaim the gospel and teach the whole counsel of the Word of God for the advance of Christ's kingdom among Asia's least reached!    

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