Thursday, September 12, 2013

Picture Update

 Just a few glimpses of life here these past few months...

A view of the city of Chiang Mai
It is rainy season now, so it is cloudy most days, but when the sun shines, it is beautiful (and hot!)
Saturday morning hike/field trip to a waterfall--
everything is an opportunity to learn now that we are officially doing home school with the boys! 

Boys playing Uno during Thai class with Khruu Gang
A precious moment--Elijah kneels spontaneously to pray for a Thai man and a little boy after greeting them and attempting to talk to them in Thai/English.
The clouds clear after the morning rain to reveal a beautiful view on our drive back from Mae Salong, the Chinese village in Northern Thailand.

We don't have too many pictures of an average day... usually Evan is at his office at the seminary and Kristie is home with the boys doing home school.  We'll have to do a typical day update sometime soon!  To track our homeschooling and keep the grandmas updated, Kristie started a blog:

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  1. Glad to receive your recent email and blog update. I see lots of smiles in yours pics. . . .even some tongues...ha ha. We'll continue to support you in prayer. We love you brother and sister!


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