Monday, July 8, 2013

Settling in to Life in Thailand

Buddhist shrine at nearby park

On Saturday, June 22, we left Spokane at 10am to fly to Chiang Mai, Thailand, our new home. We arrived in Chiang Mai about 22 hours later on Sunday, June 23rd at 11pm. All of our 12 bags made it to the Chiang Mai Airport, where our new co-workers met us.

Our first week was spent setting up our house, getting acquainted with our neighborhood, applying for our Thai drivers license, picking up our car, and trying to drive in Thai traffic on the opposite side of the road! We are so thankful for our Christian Thai landlady who lives next door and has made setting up our house much easier.

Our friend Ong helped us get our Thai license
Last week we began Thai language study one-on-one with our Thai landlady who also teaches Thai to foreigners (and has for many years!). We were introduced to the 5 tones of the Thai language, along with many, many new phrases and vocabulary. Pray for grace and keen intellect to pick up this new language!

Evan also began setting up his office at the Asia Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS), which is about a 10-15 minute drive from our house. He is currently writing a curriculum for a class on the theology of suffering, which will be used in training pastors from our former country of residence.

Life in the tropics has its perks--beautiful flowers amidst the heat & humidity
We are so grateful for how the boys are adjusting to life here--a new house, a new language, a new climate, new friends, etc. They are very fond of the lizards that can be found crawling around our walls.  The other night they both prayed for the the ice cream man who drives on his motorcycle around our neighborhood each afternoon.

Thank you for your prayers covering this whole transition. We have felt His mighty hand holding us through all the travels and transition.

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