Monday, March 11, 2013

Recent Trip to Thailand

We return from Thailand with thankful and expectant hearts:

1)  God provided a good home in a Thai neighborhood with a Thai Christian landlady.

Our cute Thai home owned by a Thai Christian landlady

From our back kitchen window:
a lean-to home of some squatters who live in the lot behind us--looking forward to meeting them!

2)  We were blessed to meet our co-workers at the Asia Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS).  We participated in the ceremony to install Dean Jim Blumenstock.  ABTS has satellite schools all throughout Southeast Asia where Evan will be assigned to teach intensive courses.  

The ABTS Board and Faculty Members (Evan is in the first row, second in from the left)
The Asia Biblical Theological Seminary:  Modest in size but having a tremendous impact in SE Asia

3)  We were overwhelmed with the ministry opportunities and great need:  

  • For biblical/theological education throughout Southeast Asia. 
  • For the proclamation of the gospel to the 90% Buddhist country of Thailand (the other 9% is Muslim or animist, leaving less than 1% Christian).  
  • For the biblical/theological education of leaders from our former country of residence.  
  • For the unreached people from our former country of residence in the northern mountains.  

At the Chiang Mai International Airport:  A room for Buddhism praying, a room for Muslim praying, what's missing?!

A few more pics of our house/neighborhood:

The view from our 2nd floor balcony:  If it weren't cloudy, you could see the mountains of Chiang Mai in the distance

The awesome Thai bathroom tile in our guest bathroom  =)

The view outside our house down the street--we wish we had a picture of the water buffaloes that live on the plot across from our house!

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