Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pray With Us

Amazingly, our sovereign God chooses to work through the earnest prayers of His people.
We value your prayers, and we hope that the following will enable you to pray more specifically.

Recently part of Evan's job for TLI has included helping the TLI Vice President research, write, and edit a curriculum to teach the book of Genesis.  In January, Evan and a group of American pastors will travel to Athens, Greece to teach a pilot course on Genesis to European and Middle Eastern pastors.  Some of these pastors will travel to Athens from countries where they have little or no access to Bible/ministry training.  They will come to Athens hungry to study the Word of God.  

Pray that Evan and the group of American pastors will have great wisdom and grace to thoroughly teach the foundational book of Genesis.

Just this past week we received an email from our good friends FX & G, the house-church leaders from our former country of residence.  Recently FX & G traveled to another province to see a medical specialist.  While visiting the hospital where the specialist works, they met a local believing doctor.  They shared with this fellow believer a vision of the sanctity of life and the idea of starting a pregnancy help center in that city.  This believing doctor caught the vision and is pursuing steps to begin a work that would make known the greatness of our God and the gospel through offering help to pregnant women.

Pray that God would continue to use FX & G to bear much fruit for the gospel.  Pray that God would open the doors for this pregnancy help center to be opened.

In the end of February, the two of us will make a trip to Thailand to meet our future co-workers and to look for a home to rent.  Because of the brevity of the trip, we will be leaving the boys with their grandparents.

Pray that will provide a good home for our family that will enable us to glorify His name.   

The Lord continues to build our support team.  We have gone from being $2500 short each month to being only $800 short each month for the necessary budget for Thailand.

Pray that God would raise up the remaining support through brothers and sisters who would delight to partner with us in the work of the gospel's advance.

Finally, pray that God would glorify His name in and through our lives, that His Kingdom would come, that His will would be done, and that the good news of the cross of Jesus Christ would be lifted high among the peoples of Southeast Asia.


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