Saturday, August 25, 2012

August Update

Thank you for your prayers over the past month as we made the transition in July to ministry with TLI (Training Leaders International).  Our resignation with PI went very well; they were incredibly encouraging as we sensed the Lord leading us in a new direction.  They confirmed that this seemed to be a great fit for our gifts and passions.


  • Trip to China:  Evan returned to Beijing for a week in July to sort through and bring back important belongings that had been in storage.  He was able to spend time with our PI team leaders, our Chinese friends FX and Grace, and his ministry mentor--all of these brothers and sisters have been some of our most treasured comrades on this heavenward journey.  Evan stayed with FX and Grace, and he could see much fruit in their ministry and marriage.  Earlier this year, FX went to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel as a short-term missionary, and his desire is to serve in Jordan in the future.  He has been talking to Evan about the dynamics of serving in a foreign country, especially a Muslim one.  He is also very excited to assist Evan with teaching TLI’s curricula to Chinese house church pastors in the future.  We have an unusually close kinship with FX and Grace, and we are so grateful to the Father that they are flourishing and pursuing the missionary call. 
  •  First PhD Class:  Evan attended his first PhD seminar at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  We stand amazed at God's providential hand in leading him to this program and the incredible privilege it is to sit under such Bible-filled men.  His advisors are very enthusiastic about our plans for training national pastors and missionaries.  They have expressed strong support for our work with TLI.  One of his advisors is even on TLI's advisory board and another advisor has significantly helped with TLI's development and strategy. 
  •  TLI Media:  Kristie has been managing TLI’s media sources (blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), and it has been a challenging new responsibility for her.  She has enjoyed editing the blogs and keeping the social media running smoothly.  Click here to read TLI’s blogs and some of Evan’s posts. 
  •  Twins to VBS:  Elijah and Isaiah attended their first VBS at a sending fellowship.  They loved it!  The other day one of the boys remarked, "I'm happy!"  We asked him why he was happy and the reply was, "Jesus."  They are understanding more and more everyday that there is a God who created everything, and He alone makes us happy. 


  • TLI Recruiting:  Evan has been tasked with recruiting men to serve as Bible teachers on TLI's many short-term intensive training trips (44 trips in 2013).  Please pray for the Father to raise up pastors, students, and teachers who will give 1-2 weeks to feed theologically-famished brothers in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America. 
  • Long-term Location:  We have been seeking the Father about some long-term opportunities with TLI.  There are some possibilities, and the details of those locations are still being discussed.  Please pray for us as we pursue overseas options, and that God would open a door that is a good fit and that He would make it clear in the coming months. 
  •  Support Status:  Since we switched over to TLI in July, many of our previous supporters have not switched over, and one of our previous supporting churches has had to suspend their support.  We are down $1500 per month of our needed budget.  Please pray that the Father would provide according to His riches in glory. 
  • Twin Time:  We are attempting to potty train Elijah and Isaiah this week.  As all you parents out there know, we need the Father's grace, strength, and patience in this process!
Thank you for taking time to read this update and pray for us.  We truly labor together with you for the advance of the great Gospel of our King.  May He alone be our chief Treasure.

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